Dead man's message

To the relatives // To the friends // To the colleagues // To the authorities

You can send automatic pre-adjusted messages after your unforeseen or sudden vanishing or death



Dead Men's Message is prepared for unforeseen vanishing or death

A verification email will be sent to you at set intervals. If you do not respond to this email in time, the system will automatically send the messages you have written to the recipients you have set up. You can set multiple message types and recipient groups.

It is recommended to use this service in the following cases:

- If you have a special request about the place and method of your funeral.
- If you wish to write a beautiful letter of thanks to the people who were important to you and you can share your positive feeling with them.
- If you want to divide or arrange your wealth. You may have hidden property, real estate, bank account or assets and want to donate it to someone who is important to you.
- If you have a secret or hidden family member or relative and it would create tension to introduce it to your family.
- If you want to pass on security codes, credentials, logins and instructions to your loved ones.
- If you live alone, it often happens that you have an accident and you no longer have the opportunity to call for help.
- If you travel to a place that others do not know about, so if you disappear, your relatives and friends don't know where to look for you.
- You involved deeply in a conflict or difficult situation and may not be able to get out of positively without this message service therefore you may like to report something to the authority.


We handle your messages with the highest level of encryption and send them out when we don't hear from you.

Admin Panel

You can set up your email address, password, your personal details and membership


Add, edit or delete the names and email addresses of recipients to send the messages


Select from templates or freely write personal messages and assign them to recipients


Set the verification period when system sends you an email what you need to confirm continuously


If you failed to response to the verification email then system sends out your messages to recipients


Our team always ready to support your emails and cooperate with family members and authorities

How It Works

Four simple steps and your messages are ready to send to all adjusted recipients.

1. Register
2. Set Up
3. Verifications
4. Auto Messages

Pricing Table

Please select that membership package what is the most suitable for you.



  • Admin Panel
  • No Service


$10/3 Months

  • Admin Panel
  • Full Service


$18/6 Months

  • Admin Panel
  • Full Service


$30/12 Months

  • Admin Panel
  • Full Service
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